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Registration on the STR Submission System – goAML

Further to the notice of the 24 April 2020 issued by the FIAU requiring Subject Persons to register by the 29 April on the STR Submission System – go AML, the FIAU has announced an extension of this deadline to Wednesday 13 May 2020.

Malta Enterprise

The Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses has announced that:

Applications for the Wage Supplement benefit for the months of March and April are being extended to the months of May and June.

Revenue Department

The office of the Commissioner for Revenues has announced that:

  • The April PT and Social Security deadline has been extended to 31 May 2020
  • The Submission deadlines for Electronic Income Tax returns for companies have been been extended as per the hereunder published schedule.
Financial Year
Manual Return
Web Submission
Extension Deadline
31st January 2019 31st March 2020 31/07/2020
28th February 2019 31st March 2020 31/07/2020
31st March 2019 31st March 2020 31/07/2020
1st April 2019 31st March 2020 31/07/2020
31st May 2019 31st March 2020 31/07/2020
30th June 2019 31st March 2020 31/07/2020
31st July 2019 30th April 2020 31/07/2020
31st August 2019 31st May 2020 31/07/2020
30th September 2019 30th June 2020 31/08/2020
31st October 2019 31st July 2020 30/09/2020
30th November 2019 31st August 2020 02/11/2020
31st December 2019 30th September 2020 27/11/2020

These extensions apply only to the electronic filing of tax returns, and not to tax payments. Manual tax returns and all tax payments must reach the Office of the Commissioner for Revenue by the due dates contemplated by the Income Tax Acts.

Our office is well versed on the above and we urge you to contact us for any assistance you may require on: [email protected]