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Corporate and Commercial Law

RMA Legal is run by a team of professional lawyers who provide strategic legal advice and work diligently to meet our clients’ objectives in the most efficient and effective manner. We take time to understand each client’s business objectives to ensure the corporate structure serves our clients’ immediate and long-term needs and goals. Our team is knowledgeable in legal matters when dealing with commercial issues and with structuring of proprietorships, partnerships, corporations as well as hybrids and joint ventures; Furthermore RMA can truely provide a hollistic approach to problem identification and solving in that through the related enterprises we can simultanous to legal consideration also focus on purely commercial, accounting and fiscal matters covering all aspect of the taxation spectrum Income Tax, VAT, Duty on Documents and other fiscal issues. We understand that it is important for any business entity, whether an established company or a newly formed company, a partnership or any other joint venture or NGO, to be properly and professionally advised in the areas of corporate and commercial law. We are commited to provide a customised and cost-effective service to our clients which include :

  • Advice on the appropriate structure and the setting up of new companies, partnerships or joint ventures and reviewing and advising on the updating of estabished companies and other business structures
  • Aid for the preparation of the documentation necessary for the incorporation or registration of new companies, partnerships or joint ventures and NGO’s
  • Advice and prepare Trust deeds, letter of wishes of settlors and other related documentation related to Trust
  • Help create tax-effective corporate reorganization and/or merger
  • Advice directors, company secretaries and other company officials, including liquidators and administrators on thier rights, duties and various compliance and reporting obligations
  • Acting as liquidators in company insolvencies
  • Help business structures on their ongoing legal requirements, corporate governance, compliance and reporting
  • Advice on a diverse spectrum of corporate and commercial transactions, including asset or share purchase and sales, transfers of property between closely held companies and sale and acquisition of businesses
  • Advice and prepare promise of sale share agreements and subsequent share transfer agreements
  • Advice and drafting of various commercial agreements including, licensing agreements, management and consulting contracts, non-disclosure, non-competition and agency deeds, employment and service contracts
  • Representation of clients in Maltese Courts, tribunials and Arbitrations
  • Representation of taxpayers in tax investigations from initiation of the process to its conclusion if need be in the Court of Appeal.
  • Advice and help clients plan their succession with a view to avoid difficulties to their successors in title
  • Registration of trade marks and patents.

Thus it is evident that RMA offers a wide portfolio of services for various businesses types and at all stages of their business cycle, including legal and fiscal help in starting, buying, selling, or simply maintaining a business. We are committed to providing customised and cost-effective solutions to our clients by means of which we narture a relationship with our clients which is mutualy benficial and through this we allow them to have complete confidence in our service.

Our Professionals
Renald Micallef

Partner & Director