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COVID–19 Measures aimed at Regenerating the Maltese Economy (09/06/2020)

The Prime Minister, The Minister for Finance and Financial Service and the Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses, yesterday jointly announced a series of measures aimed at regenerating the Maltese Economy

At a glance the measures are:

Subsidies, Refunds and Grants – Applicable to Annex A and B Businesses

● Rent Subsidy:  limited to €2,500, payable in cash.

● Electricity Subsidy: limited to €1,500, payable in cash, and equivalent to 50% of consumption during July, August and September 2020.

● Refunds of Trade Licences and permits paid during 2020.

● Refunds of Port charges and Container discharge fees.

● Grants up to €5,000 as a subsidy for consultancy fees incurred in business restructuring.

● Grants up to €10,000, covering 80% of expenses incurred in participating in fairs abroad.

● Grants up to €200,000 in the Construction Industry for modernisation of machinery.

A new Skills Development Scheme for businesses employing less than 50 employees was also announced.

COVID-19 Wage Supplement

The COVID-19 Wage Supplement will be extended / amended in different ways in the following industries and business sectors.

● Tourism Industry and businesses that are directly dependent on the tourism industry

● Personal and Professional service providers under Annex A

● Annex B Businesses

● Pensioners and students

Other measures

Micro Invest Tax Credit:  30% of tax Credits available for 2020 will be converted into a cash grant up to a Maximum of €2,000 for Malta based businesses and €2,500 for Gozo based businesses.

Grant of €100 voucher for every person aged 16 and over

Reduction in the Price of Fuel

Extension of Deferral Tax payments

Tax measures related to property

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