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COVID – 19 Malta Government Support Measures Update (24/03/2020)

In addition to the measures announced on the 18 March 2020, yesterday the Prime Minister emphasised the support to businesses and the preservation of the current employment level by introducing new measures to assist critically hit business sectors and also less critically hit sectors.

The critically hit sectors mentioned are:

  • Certain wholesale activities
  • Certain retail activities
  • Accommodation
  • Food and beverage service activities
  • Rental and leasing of motor vehicles
  • Employment activities
  • Travel agencies, tour operators and related activities
  • Security and investigation activities
  • Service to buildings
  • Transport
  • Creative arts and entertainment activities
  • Personal services activities

Employment related measures:

The above business sectors will be financed up to €800 monthly from the Government for each employee.

This is also available for self-employed persons working in these sectors.

Where the monthly salary exceeds €800 the employer is to pay the balance to top up the salary to at least €1,200.

Where employers are not in a position to make up the difference to €1,200 then agreement has to be reached with the employees with the involvement of the Unions and the Department for Industrial and Employment relations,

The less critically hit sectors are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Part of the wholesale sector
  • Part of the retail sector
  • Warehousing
  • Information

Employment related measures

In this sector the Government will finance one day’s salary per week based on a salary of €800 per month per employee. There is the possibility for this measure to be extended to two days.

This is also available for self-employed persons working in these sectors.

Self-employed operating their own business pertaining to adversely effected sectors (Annex B), will be entitled to 2 days’ salary per week, equivalent to €320 per month. This will increase to 3 days’ salary, equivalent to €480, for those self-employed businesses who employ staff.

Annex B contains the list of sectors by NACE.


It is considered that COVID – 19 may have hit Gozo in a more severe way to Malta. To this end employees in the less critically hit sectors will, in addition to the one day’s salary given for Malta businesses, receive an additional one day’s salary per employee, based on a monthly salary of €800


All the above measures equally apply on a pro-rata basis to part-timers, however based on a salary of €500 per month.

The Government will be making all employee related payments to employers.

All the above measures apply retrospectively as from 9 March 2020

How can we help

Our office is well versed on the above supported measures and we can assist you should you feel the necessity to avail yourself of any of the above.

Kindly contact for assistance: [email protected]

The details of the above have yet to be published including how to apply and to this respect we urge you to keep referring to our space for updated information and any further incentives that the government may issue from time to time.

Full details are available at: