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Network Associations

INPACT International

The firm is affiliated with INPACT International, which is an alliance of independent professional offices with over 140 members working out of 232 offices in more than 60 countries worldwide.

This enables the organisation to draw on the knowledge, expertise and support of fellow INPACT members in every continent, to complement the services given locally. As business in conducted across the global village, clients can rely on the firm’s assistance and expanded knowledge of other jurisdictions’ financial and tax practices – through the INPACT International professional offices’ network. Our member firms work together hand in hand when companies or private individuals need sophisticated advice to be provided across borders.

INPACT global organisation also provides the firm with a flow of international clients and queries that are referred to the firm from fellow INPACT Members. This dual assistance strengthens the bond between INPACT member firms, and disseminates knowledge and experience throughout all the offices for the ultimate benefit of the individual clients we service. Periodically the Firm is also represented in International and Regional conferences and work-shops that are conducted by and for INPACT Member firms.


LAWPACT International

The law firm Renald Micallef & Associates is affiliated with LawPact, which is an international association and network of independent business law firms created to assist member firms in pursuing excellence in client service, firm management, profitability, the application of evolving technologies and marketing and to create a trans-national, juried referral panel to serve the global legal needs of member firm clients.

As of January 2015, there are 51 member firms of LawPact. Currently there are 13 European member firms located in Belgium, the Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and Turkey.

Thirty-one member firms are located in the United States, with others also found in Ontario and Quebec Canada and Mexico City in North America. In South America, there are member firms in Brazil, Chile, and Colombia and Costa Rica in Central America. In the Asia/Pacific Region, LawPact has member a firm in India.