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The managing team comprises experienced professionals who each undertake separate responsibilities within the organisation. David Busuttil is responsible for audit & assurance services provided by Busuttil & Micallef CPAs, a firm of certified public accountants and practising auditors. In this area, David is assisted by Lorraine Muscat and Donatella Bondin. Dr Renald Micallef heads the legal & taxation area, services provided by the legal firm Renald Micallef & Associates and by the Firm Busuttil & Micallef. In the taxation area, he is assisted by Kurt Said. Hector Spiteri heads the accountancy and advisory arm of the organisation. These and complimentary services are provided by Areti Corporate Services Ltd. Michael Ellul takes responsibility for international clients who are serviced by Areti Fiduciary Services Ltd, which is licensed to act as trustees and fiduciaries and also as a corporate services provider.