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Vacancy for Corporate Services Professional

Vacancy for Corporate Services Professional

We are interested in receiving applications from professionals to work in the area of Corporate Services.

Areti Fiduciary Services Ltd forms part of Busuttil & Micallef [] and is licensed as a trustee/fiduciary by MFSA and consequently also operates as a Company Service Provider in Malta. The area of focus is non-resident owned structures in Malta.


The job description is fluid and can be made to fit the aptitudes of a successful candidate(s) but is likely to include :

  1. Client relationship management;
  2. Dealing with compliance requirements, including Companies Act submissions and organisational matters;
  3. Company Incorporation and including Client on-boarding;
  4. Interaction with banks, on an on-going basis;
  5. Generally, Company Administration duties, on a client-by-client basis.

Other (obvious) requirements would include :

  1. Excellent communication skills, primarily in the English language;
  2. Can-do attitude.
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